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Document your move-in inspection

Preparing your "Move-in" Report

Just as with a car rental, it is important to document the condition of the apartment when you move-in. This will prevent you from paying for damages that you did not cause. 2 minutes and you're protected! The inspection report includes meter readings (electricity, water and gas) and photos that you upload.

Sharing the report with the landlord

As soon as you have finished preparing the report, the landlord will receive an SMS message with a link to the report. This way you will be sure that the landlord has a record of the condition of the rented apartment.

Saving the report

The report will be saved in your personal dashboard and can be used in the event of a dispute with the landlord.

Additional apartment moving tools

Make Payments - Account Finishing

Link directly to various service providers to pay your household bills.

Find a service professional

Inside the APP you can find recommended professionals for all home repairs and moving services.

Moving Checklists

Rentfair helps you get organised. Get a checklist of all the tasks you need to do before moving in or out of a rental property.

Special discounted prices for app users

Registered Rentfair users receive up to 20% discount off Tenant digital products

Promissory Note

Guarantors Certificate

Move-Out Inspection

Offer runs through 30/09/2020

Send "Maintenance Requests"

Send your landlord a digital maintenence request

Send the landlord a "repair request" within seconds. Your landlord will receive an SMS with a link to view the request in full.

Automatic translation into the owner's language

Send the request in your English and the landlord will receive it in Hebrew or English. Other languages will be added soon.

Maintenance History and Reports

In your personal APP dashboard you can view all your maintenance repair requests that you have submitted.

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Update your address

Moving Soon? You will need to update your new address with various institutions, authorities and suppliers. The Rentfair APP makes it easier to update your address within our Moving Portal. Let us take some of the stress of moving off of you!

Find your next apartment

Easy and convenient search

Get access to all search engine listings.

Facebook groups

We have organized for you the relevant groups for renting apartments or finding partners. For your convenience, we have divided the groups by region (city, neighborhood).

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