Digital Solutions for Tenants

20% discount for Keep Olim in Israel Members

Digital Solutions for Tenants

10% discount for Keep Olim in Israel Members

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Digital Renting Solutions

A safer, faster and fairer way to rent

20% discount for Keep Olim in Israel Members

Digital Move-out Inspection

Protect your tenant rights and security guarantees when moving out of your rental property. Create a comprehensive and legally binding report on the move-out condition of the apartment, via our user-friendly platform. The final report includes photos, an inspection video and final meter readings. Avoid unnecessary landlord claims and disputes by digitally documenting the move-out process.

Digital Promissory Note

Israel’s first digital Promissory Note (שטר חוב) lets Landlords and Tenants create and safely store securities for the property, hassle free and quickly, while promoting social distancing between landlords, tenants and their guarantors.

Digital Guarantor Certificate

Guarantors for lease agreements may be older, or some distance away, making it difficult to coordinate landlord or lawyer meetings to obtain all required signatures. A digital certificate is simple to create, requires no travel, no meetings while promoting social distancing.

Introducing the Rentfair Tenant App

The easy to use, renting platform to help you manage your renting experience.

  • Maintenance Request system
  • Move-in Inspection
  • Moving Portal
  • Rank Your Landlord
  • Pay Bills
  • Tenant Resources
  • Checklists
  • Find Services & Repairs
  • access to all our digital products and more. ​

Find Professional Services & Repairs

Looking for reliable, high quality repairs and services for your rental property? Together with our partner Midrag, we offer you and quick and easy way to find what you need. Click for more details.

Digital Termination Notification

Let your landlord know your intention to terminate the rental agreement while eliminating any confusion. Whether it be a timely notification of intention not to extend the agreement at the end of the term or intention to leave during the term, your notification will be legally lodged and time stamped.

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